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Collection: Outdoor TV covers with Zipper

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TV is a necessary attribute in the home for most people.

And whether your TV is installed indoors or outdoors, it needs protection.

Indoors the TV is exposed to dust and possible moisture. Outdoors it can be affected by environmental factors in the form of rain, sun, dirt, debris, etc.

To prevent these elements from negatively affecting your device, we suggest you to use an outdoor TV cover from our company.

Outdoor TV covers with Zipper are made of durable waterproof and dust-proof fabric that envelops your TV from all sides, even underneath, leaving no chance for moisture or dust to get inside and keeping your device safe and sound. And soft internal lining preventing scratches on the screen.

Since there is a huge range of TVs and brackets for them, we took care of the additional convenience of using the cover and made it compatible with most types of TV mounts and stands.

There is a wide range of sizes and three colors available for your choice, so the cover will fit perfectly any interior or exterior.

Most covers come with a Screen Cleaner & Microfiber Cloth as a gift, which you can use to clean your TV easily and safely.

Also, do not forget about the basic precautions if you're going to install your TV outside:

  • install it TV under a shelter
  • do not install your TV over a fireplace or near a fire source
  • use special waterproof outlets and cables
  • in case of extreme temperatures, move your TV indoors
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